AFrame Office Planning’s founder, Nathan Blades, grew up in an A-frame house in rural Nova Scotia (hence the name) which he now uses as a summer retreat / studio space.

Nathan has always had an interest in architecture and design; constantly rearranging rooms and planning dream homes from an early age. Not quite sure what path he wanted to take, he decided to go to Success College where he got a diploma in Interior Decorating. After school, Nathan got a job at a leading local contract furniture dealership, where he worked as a Workspace Planner for over 3 years. At that job, he worked directly with sales reps (in Nova Scotia, PEI, and New Brunswick), designers, architects, and end-users to create office layouts, floor plans, tack-offs, installation drawings, and millwork drawings (all using AutoCAD). He also worked on furniture tenders by recreating drawings with the furniture being specified, providing the parts listing to be priced, and assisting with putting the response packages together. During this time, he also worked alongside the staff project manager on a number project management and design jobs.

Upon leaving the furniture dealership, he worked as an independent project manager, space planning, and facility management consultant. After a year and a half, working on projects of all sizes, Nathan relocated to Vancouver where he returned to the contract furniture industry as a Product Specialist (basically the same position he had in NS) with one of British Columbia’s leading dealerships. After 15 months living in the big city, the Maritime’s were calling for him to return. Now, after over 6 years in the industry, he has returned to an independent contract work this time adding ¬†office furniture specification to his list of many services AFrame Office Planning provides.

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